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4 ways to earn additional streams of income

Written on : 2020-03-13 09:26:45

One of the things some of us take for granted is how much we know

We are all walking bodies of skills and knowledge, based on all we’ve had to learn to survive and thrive

I was listening to a friend of mine speak recently and I had to tell her, ”Wow, you really know a lot about your field

She smiled and said ”Thank you

I replied saying she needed to share her expertise in the marketplace and she said..’No! I dont think I am that knowledgeable’

and this is the problem for a lot of us, the story we tell ourselves

We tell ourselves we need to keep on learning and we are not ”experts” in anything. 

The truth is we are all going to keep on learning for the rest of our lives. In fact with the way the world is evolving, we all have to keep on learning, unlearning and relearning really fast.

But we will always be a step ahead of someone (That’s just the way life is wired) and there’s always someone who doesn’t know what you know or has not experienced life the way you have so let’s just settle this here, you are knowledgeable. 

If you think you’re on your way to being an expert, that’s fine. Work on clocking the 10,000 hours but once you do, dont take it for granted that everybody else knows what you know

You might also be taking your skills for granted. Those skills you’ve gained working in a great organization for 10 years? Yes, that’s what I am talking about. Stop taking it for granted.

You can also earn additional income from investing your own money or taking advantage of leverage with other people’s money. 

This week, I share my story; how I evolved into earning money from my skills, my knowledge, my money and other people’s money. This is not theory. This is what I have lived and still living.

You just might not have an excuse if you need to earn additional in 2019. The world is filled with opportunities, you just need to know how to position yourself correctly



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